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Company Profile

Vivicgems, a small and growing family-owned gem business, has been creating quality gems in the heart of Thailand for more than 15 years. 

We recently decided to expand our business by incorporating and opening an office in Dallas, Texas to more effectively market our fine products and provide the most efficient service to our valued customers in the United States and Canada.

Vivicgems specializes in supplying high-quality natural and synthetic gems for customers who appreciate expert craftsmanship, reasonable prices, and an unrivaled passion for excellence. 

At Vivicgems, we:

bulletare a small company that prides itself for offering professional, reliable, and personalized service to meet the unique and exacting needs of our customers, whom we value; 
bulletmaintain an uncompromising emphasis on quality, with particular attention to detail and precise gem cutting/faceting;  
bulletkeep our overhead costs low, passing along the cost savings to our customers; 
bulletstand behind our products, assuring your complete satisfaction.

Gems Cutting and Polishing Services

Vivicgems started the business by providing the highest quality lapidary service 15 years ago. The expert lapidaries at our gem cutting facility in Bangkok, Thailand can cut and polish gemstones with great skill, care and precision to your exacting specifications, maximizing the sparkling brilliance and deep color of the stones.  Our low overhead allows us to offer keenly competitive prices for this service.  More ...

Our Mission

Vivicgems is committed to bring the brilliant colorful gemstones to the world. We offer a portfolio of products and services that are:

1) High quality
2) Low cost and
3) The best customer satisfaction.

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