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Silver Pendant Silver Bead

All sterling silver beads and pendants are Thai 92.5% silver. They are all hand crafted by hill tribe.

  Product Detail Unit Price

Sliver Flower Pendant
Size: 11 mm                  Weight: 1.40g

ID# ts011



Sliver Flower Pendant
Size: 9x15 mm              Weight: 1.90g

ID# ts012



Silver Rose pendant
Size: 24.5mm               Weight:  5.70g

ID# ts013

Out of Stock

Sliver Butterfly Pendant
Size:  32x24mm           Weight:  3.80g

ID# ts014



Sliver Flower Pendant
Size: 32.5mm                Weight: 14.55g

ID# ts015



Silver Dragonfly Pendant
Size: 27x37mm             Weight: 3.10g

ID# ts016



Sliver Dragonfly Pendant Size: 22.5x27mm          Weight: 1.50g

ID# ts017

Out of Stock


Sliver Bug Pendant
Size: 25.5x31mm           Weight: 5.20

ID# ts018



Sliver Butterfly Pendant
Size: 47x48.5mm          Weight: 10.40g

ID# ts019



Silver Heart Pendant
Size: 21x26.5mm.          Weight: 5.25g

ID# ts020


        Out of Stock 

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